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Hemp Research

We provide contract research and development of industrial hemp for companies and institutions.

Pa Hemp Farmer - Industrial Hemp for Sustainability

Keystone Hemp

This season JustBen Agriculture will be providing appetizing hemp food for sale, made from fine quality hemp seed.

Pa Hemp Farmer - Preserving Pennsylvania Farmland with Hemp

Farmland Preservation

Hemp has the potential to become valuable crop to farmers, and promote the preservation of beautiful Pennsylvania farmland.

Our Story

Two long time friends, a chemist and a farmer, set out to re-start the Pennsylvania hemp industry. Justben Agriculture is the first PA hemp farmer since hemp was banned in the 1970s.

Pennsylvania was once a leading producer of hemp. As a native plant with 100s of industrial uses, hemp has enormous potential as a sustainable resource.

The ban on hemp was very recently lifted in Pennsylvania, however, legalization of industrial hemp currently only applies to hemp grown by registered farmers for research purposes.

It is our hope, that this pilot program will pave the way for further pro-industrial hemp legislation.

Pa Hemp Farmer - Justben Agriculture Pennsylvania Hemp Farming

Next Steps...

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