Pennsylvania Industrial Hemp Lecture Series

presented by

JustBen Agriculture, LLC

Part 3 of 4

Friday January 5, 2017 

7:00 pm

PA Hemp Application 2018 Workshop

The planning for the second year of the industrial hemp program in Pennsylvania has begun.  A free lecture on the new Pennsylvania Industrial Hemp Program will be presented with emphasis on the Application.  The main reason for the lecture series is to educate the public on the agricultural activity of introducing industrial hemp back to the state as seen by JustBen Agriculture, LLC.  Farmers, enthusiasts, government, foodies, and the public are welcome to attend.  Please join us for our Pennsylvania hemp lecture series in a relaxed setting in Philadelphia.

The third lecture is an workshop to assist new hemp farmers and researchers on applying for a Pennsylvania 2018 Industrial Hemp Permit.  The application was recently published and due by January 19, 2018 for the 2018 growing season.  A presentation will be given on how to apply.  The topic of cannabinoid research and CBD processing will be introduced.  A question and answer session will follow as told by Dr. Frederico.

 There will be no registration at the door.  The event is free to the public.  Cavanaugh’s shall have a cash bar on hand in the main dinning room.  Come early for dinner and stay for the lecture.  

meet-greet 6:30 pm

At Cavanaugh’s Headhouse  421 S 2nd Street Philadelphia, PA 19147